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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Caribbean Christmas

New Release in time for Christmas!


“I know what you’re thinking.” His voice pulled her back into reality.
“Trust me. You don’t—,” she mumbled as his thumb rubbed the back of her hand.
“You must wonder why we haven’t spoken until today.”
Her head shot up. The wind blew her hair and she trapped it behind one ear.
Phew. That was close.
“Guilty as charged,” She chuckled, glad that he wasn’t a mind reader.
“I wasn’t sure if you had someone special in your life.” He shrugged. ‘I didn’t want to... complicate
Was he fishing to see if she had a boyfriend?
She pulled free. “I assure you, my life isn’t as complex as you might think.”
As he leaned forward, warm puffs of air caressed her face. He removed another whisk of hair from her cheek. Trembling, she stepped back. Her heart soared and the crevice between her thighs tingled. That made him dangerous. Even in college when hormone levels rose higher than she could count, she refused to be someone’s one-night stand.
Eager to get inside, she fumbled with her deadbolt. The key slipped from her fingers, pinged off the wall and bounced close to the edge. She wasn’t sure how much damage the metal projectile could do six floors down, but she didn’t care to find out. She released a big sigh of relief when he trapped it with his shoe.
One edge of his mouth lifted slightly. “That was close—”
“Oh… you have no idea,” she chuckled aware of the schoolgirl flutter in her stomach that he seemed
oblivious to.
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